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Looking for a unique and memorable way to celebrate your child’s special day? Get Arty has got you covered with our painting parties for kids aged 8 and above! Our instructors will provide the guidance and materials while your child and their friends unleash their creativity.

"My kids loved it" Jo
"Our daughter had an amazing time - thanks so much!" Sally


We have 2 spaces for your party:

  • Get Arty Studio: We will take bookings for a minimum of 8, maximum 12 (8 years old +)

  • L'Herbanyste Restaurant: Groups over 12 (Indoor space and garden/pool options) (4+ year olds - parental on-site supervision required at all times) 


We can arrange a kids friendly veggie finger buffet and assorted juices from L'Herbanyste Restaurant with a discount of 10% for your group. 

What will our Kids do?

Our Arty sessions for kids last between 1 hour and 90 minutes depending on the age group. We have a range of materials and themes to choose from (paints, glitter, card, canvases, collage materials etc) to keep your kids entertained and super creative while having a fun time with their friends. We can organise a session where each child brings home their own work or a more collaborative party project! Please pick a theme from our menu or choose your own when you get a quote and we'll do the rest! 

All art materials are provided by Get Arty and are included in our fees.

Party Decorations:

Our Studio/Downstairs space is bright and airy with lots of paintings and plants but if you want to add your own decorations we can provide at an extra cost or you can bring your own on agreement.

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