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Basic Portrait Art - Beginner Level


3,500,000 VND


5 Weeks

Tuesday, 9 May 2023
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Morning Wednesday

About the Course

Course Outline


Week 1: The Basics 

This week we will discuss the basics of portrait drawing and start to look at different methods we can use to set out composition, lay down proportions at scale, and use of mark making using pencil 


Week 2: Tone and Value 

This week we will look at how to create 3 dimensional portraits using tone and value and adding movement and feeling. We will experiment with a range of shading techniques in  charcoal. 


Week 3: One Tone  with Pastel 

This week we will move on to experiment with colour using pastels to develop a first an exciting palette. Identifying and replicating tonal changes in the face and using a range of shading and blending techniques 


Week 4 & 5: Painting 

Finally we will move onto our masterpiece painting! Choosing a photo (bring from home or select from studio library). Students can chose to work with Acrylic or Oil for their painting and will be taught the fundamentals of mixing, mediums and application. The first week will focus on the initial sketch and underpainting stage. Our last session will begin with colour mixing to identify the right palette and working together on adjustments and building up layers to complete our paintings. 

There will be a chance to discuss varnishing and hanging and  participants will take home final pieces

Your Instructor


Originally from the UK, Ottie's work ranges from acrylic abstract work influenced by South and South East Asia to impressionist portrait paintings in oil. She's lived and worked all over the world and is currently based out of Vietnam. Her work has been exhibited in both Vietnam and Malaysia. Ottie currently runs a range of short courses and workshops to both adults and teenagers.

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