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Friday Night Teenage Art Club


3,000,000 VND


5 weeks

Friday, 12 May 2023
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Morning Wednesday

About the Course

Students are responsible for making their own arrangements for drop off and pick up. Snacks and drinks can normally be purchased at the venue. 

Course Outline - Term 3 - May - Self Expression through Still Life Study

Open to all teenage creatives/art lovers!

Participants will be encouraged to utilise a range different mediums (pencil, charcoal, pastel, acrylics and oil paints) and will be encouraged to experiment with new styles and approaches to build up confidence in composition and application


Week 1-3 (Using our sketchbooks)

Still Life Sketchbooks - Each week we will discuss what makes a good subject for a Still Life composition looking at some key artist works and styles. Each week we will cover a different compositional subject and experiment with a range of media. Week One - Fruit, Week Two - Floral arrangement, Week 3, Home Objects

Week 4&5 (Working on Canvas)

Working from one of our sketches, students will be taught the fundamentals of mixing, mediums and application using acrylic paint or oil to develop their very own painting  to hang on the wall at home!.  

Your Instructor


Originally from the UK, Ottie's work ranges from acrylic abstract work influenced by South and South East Asia to impressionist portrait paintings in oil. She's lived and worked all over the world and is currently based out of Vietnam. Her work has been exhibited in both Vietnam and Malaysia. Ottie currently runs a range of short courses and workshops to both adults and teenagers.

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