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Portrait in Abstract


3,500,000 VND



Wednesday, 10 May 2023
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Morning Wednesday

About the Course

Course Outline


Week 1: Quick Sketches in Charcoal and Pastel

This week we will focus on blocking in colour and form and consider options to create interesting compositions


Week 2: Emotional element

This week we will experiment with a range of different mediums and tools to express emotion and texture in our work - this will be a super fun session!  

Week 3: Creating Space

Learning from trial and error we will use the skills and tools we've explored so far to create an abstract portrait from scratch focusing on spacial composition.. No reference photos will be used for this session so students will work from their imagination/memory!


Week 4: Recreation or replica? - Inspired by known Abstract Artists

This week we will take inspiration from a chosen artist (students will have time to choose their own favourites) and create our very own versions!

Wee 5: Final Paintings

Finally we will move onto our masterpiece painting! Choosing a photo (bring from home or select from studio library) or working from your emotional/imaginational side and building from previous sessions to create a final piece of work - . Students can chose to work with Acrylic or Oil paint 

Your Instructor


Originally from the UK, Ottie's work ranges from acrylic abstract work influenced by South and South East Asia to impressionist portrait paintings in oil. She's lived and worked all over the world and is currently based out of Vietnam. Her work has been exhibited in both Vietnam and Malaysia. Ottie currently runs a range of short courses and workshops to both adults and teenagers.

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